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Connecting People and Jobs based on
Artificial Intelligence +  Deep Learning.



We ensure full Human Capital Utilisation by optimally developing the careers of our people. We provide the tools and technologies to maximise skill matching.




Evaluation of not just Resumes but of complete skill sets. Comprehensive Job Descriptions enhanced to world standards.




Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to understand people and job requirements, and then to match them.




Attitude, Aptitude and Ambition harnessed to boundaryless Opportunities.

Top of the World

Technology advances and so do we. Our solutions are constantly improving to serve you better.




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1. Enhanced Resumes

360* view of a candidate – encompassing education, work experience, skill sets to provide complete picture.

2. Enriched Descriptions

Key features defined in terms of a standardized, measurable set of variables, providing rich and comprehensive job descriptions.

3. Deep Learning

Deep Learning to improve search efficiencies and economics, remove bias in the HR process, and provide the optimal match between candidates and jobs.

4. Personal Appraisals

Candidates are scored based on education, work experience, skill sets and achievements.

5. Comprehensive Database

Full coverage of Jobs and people – comprehensive database that ensures that all options are made available.


6. Career Development

System designed to provide a comprehensive assessment for career guidance and development.

Technical Solutions

The Resume Loader and Job Loader tools allow candidates to upload resumes and companies to upload jobs to the A.I. System.

The powerful Dream Catcher tools allows candidates to identify and upload their comprehensive skill sets for evaluation by the A.I. Systems.

The Dream Weaver tools allow the application of Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning to find the best matches between candidates and jobs.

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Our Goal

To create a World of Opportunities.

o-n-j plans to be a global leader in the provision of Artificial Intelligence Based Recruitment and Career Planning across an array of industries. We specialize in highly qualified, high caliber candidate management services. Our talent resources are currently focused in New Zealand, but our network will eventually extend throughout the World.

Our Mission

The problem that we address is clear: Human Capital is under-utilized in New Zealand due to a lack of information, tools and technologies. The current recruitment system is stale, outdated and primitive - it does not work. It's time for the Machines to take over!

The Problem: How can candidates find the jobs best matched to their profile, and how can organisations fairly and unbiasedly find the best candidates for a job?

The Solution: Rely on Artificial Intelligence to improve the search efficiencies and economics, remove bias in the HR process, and provide the optimal match between candidates and jobs.

The Mission: To provide candidates with Border-less, Boundary-less and Bound-less job opportunities, specifically matched to their specific aptitudes, talents and capabilities, and to provide organisations with access to the very best talent.


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Our success is primarily due to our dedicated staffs' commitment, ability and enthusiasm in providing a consistently efficient and responsive service to our growing list of clients. Please contact us, we are here to serve you.

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